MSc thesis project proposal

Extraction of power and ground nets

Project outside the university

Magma Design Automation, Eindhoven
Extraction is the process of getting an electrical R(LC) network with current and voltage sources from the layout of an integrated circuit. The power integrity group at MAGMA is focusing on the extraction of power and ground nets. As opposed to signal nets, power and ground nets are typically very large structures which require special yet efficient algorithms to create the electrical network. The resulting networks are used to analyze voltage drop and electromigration effects as well as other types of analysis. A master student could improve the run-time (e.g. exploring multi-threading) and improve the extraction algorithms to increase the quality of the resulting network.


This work will be carried out in co-operation with Magma Design Automation. Magma is a world-leading-player in IC design automation software, and has a research office in Eindhoven.

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