The research area of the Circuits and Systems group covers the theory and applications of signal processing, including high-level digital system design.


This link will direct you to some slide presentations which are used to introduce the group to starting MSc students.
The complexity of electronic circuits is ever increasing, and so is their design. Two drivers are (i) already phenomenal integration densities are still doubling every 18 months (Moore's law), and (ii) new advanced applications require integrated solutions with increased intelligence and immense processing power. The main goal in our research program is to provide a sound mathematical framework for synthesis and analysis problems in the complete trajectory from system application, algorithm design, mapping to a hardware architecture or embedded system, VLSI circuit design, and finally the design verification.

Radio astronomy is an interesting application area for array signal processing. We developed a new image formation tool called PRIFIRA, inspired by Sparse Bayesian Learning.

In the news: This simple piece of plastic makes 3D ultrasound easy

The CAS group participates in four MSc tracks: MSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems, MSc Signals and Systems, MSc Microelectronics, MSc Computer Engineering.

CAS consists of 9 professors and about 40 researchers.


MSc SS Thesis Presentation

Zheheng Liu

An Investigation of the Medical Ultrasound Image Sparse Spaces used for Model-Based Imaging

Aiming for sparse regularization in imaging

PhD Thesis Defence

Jeroen van Gemert

Efficient computational methods in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

How to design dielectric pads that can be used to increase image quality inMagnetic Resonance Imaging, and how to accelerate image reconstruction times using a preconditioner.

MSc SS Thesis Presentation

Bastian Generowicz

Improving Ultrafast Doppler Imaging using Subspace Tracking

fast tracking to distinguish blood motion from clutter signals caused by slow moving tissue.

PhD Thesis Defence

Elvin Isufi

Graph-Time Signal Processing Filtering and Sampling Strategies

Design of graph filters where nodes exchange information only with their neighbors to perform a given filter operation: how can distributed FIR and IIR graph filters be made?

Signal Processing Seminar

Tarik Kazaz

Wireless communication and networking, Digital Design

Signal Processing Seminar

Jac Romme

Signal processing for communication, sensor networks

Signal Processing Seminar

Borbála Hunyadi

Biomedical signal processing

Signal Processing Seminar

Jiani Liu

Underwater communication