I have been active in the general field of signal processing for communications and networking (SPCOM), applying tools from linear algebra, digital and statistical signal processing, convex optimization, and compressive sampling.

More specifically, I have been active in the following fields:

  • Theory and methods:

    • Adaptive and statistical signal processing

    • (Distributed) detection and estimation

    • Compressive (covariance) sensing

    • Linear algebra

  • Communications:

    • Channel estimation and equalization

    • Training design

    • Multiuser detection

    • Communications over rapidly time-varying channels

    • Underwater communications

    • Ultra-wideband communications

    • Cognitive radio

    • Spectrum sensing

    • Indoor localization and tracking

  • Sensor array and multichannel processing:

    • Sensor selection and placement

    • Antenna array design

    • Direction of arrival estimation

    • Signal processing on graphs