European Microwave Week 2020 (EuMW 2020): Bring a student for free!

European Microwave Week 2020 (EuMW 2020) is being scheduled as a physical, in-person, event in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 10-15 January 2021. The number of conferences being held as physical, in-person, events has been greatly reduced during the 2020/2021 conference season. For our younger Ph.D. students, this deprives them of opportunities to meet fellow international students early in their research career. To help these students, who are often not yet ready to present or publish a peer-reviewed paper, we have initiated a “Bring-a-Student-for-Free” campaign.

Act swiftly! There are only 50 places available . . . and these places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Here are the rules in brief:

  • Any university professor attending EuMW 2020 can bring a Ph.D. student for free.
  • Eligible Ph.D. students are those that would otherwise not be in the position to attend EuMW; i.e. the student cannot be the author of an accepted EuMW paper.
  • The attending professor’s prior registration at EuMW 2020 is required.
  • This offer is only available from 28 September – 25 October 2020.

To apply, send a message to, with the subject “Early-Ph.D. grant”, giving:

  • Student name + email address,
  • Supervising professor + email address,
  • University affiliation,
  • Conferences requested (EuMIC/EuMC/EuRAD).

All applications will be evaluated and then grants will be awarded using a discount code.

It is appreciated if the student can also help as a volunteer for one or two days during the conference week. It is fun to do this, being together with other fellow students, and it also helps us in organising of EuMW 2020. Mentioning this grant on your C.V. will be a benefit, and it makes even more sense if you mention it alongside the volunteering role. However, volunteering is not necessary for the grant to be awarded.

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