EE4650 Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Topics: Principles of MRI starting from basic EM
This course presents the principles of magnetic resonance from both a quantum and classical mechanics point-of-view. We start from the interaction of strong electromagnetic fields at high, medium and low frequencies, and how these can be manipulated to encode spatial information, leading to MRI images. We also discuss the origins of image artifacts, and the signal processing algorithms involved in image reconstruction.

Further, we discuss the relaxation phenomena associated with magnetic resonance, and how these are important in determining image contrast. We present how the different components of magnetic resonance systems are designed using Maxwell’s equations, spherical harmonics, and the Biot-Savart law.

Finally, we present the current state-of-the-art of MRI hardware and image processing, and the new opportunities for future developments.

Teachers Rob Remis

Electromagnetic and acoustic wavefield modeling, imaging, and inversion

prof.dr. Andrew Webb

High field MRI and its clinical applications, Electromagnetism

Wieger Brink

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Credits: 5 EC
Period: 0/0/0/4
Contact: Rob Remis