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Alle-Jan van der Veen

address: A.-J. van der Veen
Delft Univ. of Technology
Fac. EWI/Electrical Engineering
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands
+31 15 278 6240
+31 15 278 1372 (secr)
+31 15 278 6190
Alle-Jan van der Veen is a professor at the Circuits and Systems group which is part of DIMES (Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicron Technology), at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of Delft University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands.

He is a Fellow of the IEEE. He was chairman of the IEEE Technical Committee on Signal Processing for Communications and Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Signal Processing Letters (2002-2005). He is currently Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2006-2008), and an elected Member-at-Large of the IEEE Signal Processing Society Board of Governors (2006-2008).

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Current research areas:

  • Array signal processing: subspace identification methods, in particular for blind identification, equalization and source separation, constant modulus algorithms, joint angle-delay and angle-frequency estimation.

    Applications to wireless communications and radio astronomy.

Projects and people:

  • Interference cancellation for radio astronomy ( NOEMI project, LOFAR project; VICI project):
    Bas van der Tol (PhD student)
    Stefan Wijnholds (ASTRON; PhD student)
  • Ultra-Wideband receiver architectures; localization (VICI project):
    Dang Quang Hieu (PhD student)
    Sayit Korkmaz (PhD student)
    Yiyin Wang
  • Source separation for WLAN signals(MIMO project)
    Vijay Venkateswaran (PhD student)

Visitors and alumni:

  • Amir Leshem (postdoc; currently Asst.Prof. at Bar Ilan Univ., Israel)
  • Brian Jeffs (Brigham Young Univ., Utah; 2004-2005)
  • Nicolas Petrochilos (PhD; graduated Dec. 2002; currently Asst.Prof. at Univ. Hawaii, USA)
  • Albert-Jan Boonstra (PhD; graduated June 2005; currently ASTRON, Dwingeloo, NL)
  • Relja Djapic (PhD; graduated Dec 2006; currently TNO-ICT, Rijswijk, NL)
  • Zijian Tang (PhD; graduated Nov 2007; currently Mathworks, Gouda, NL)