Biomedical signal processing/wavefield imaging

Contact: Rob Remis

  • Signal processing and imaging (estimation and detection for diagnostics and therapy), in particular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) from EM modeling and instrument design to signal processing, image formation (numerical inversion techniques) and tissue parameter estimation, with applications to medical diagnostics in collaborations with university hospitals.
  • Biomedical signals estimation and detection: Estimation of signal parameters from multichannel signals (e.g. ECG); detection and localization of medical conditions such as heart fibrillation, epilepsy.

Projects under this theme

Earlier recognition of cardiovascular diseases

Atrial Fibrillation FIngerPrinting: Spotting Bio-Electrical Markers to Early Recognize Atrial Fibrillation by the Use of a Bottom-Up Approach

Good Vibrations - Fast and Robust Wave Field Computations in Complex Structures Using Krylov Resonance Expansions

Using Krylov subspace reduction techniques to solve wave field problems in complex media (resonanting nano-scale devices and seismic exploration)

Dielectric enhanced MRI

Modeling and analyzing the effect of high permittivity pads in MRI imaging