dr.ir. G.J.M. Janssen

Associate Professor
Circuits and Systems (CAS), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Physical layer communication; UWB; localization

Themes: Signal processing for communication


Gerard Janssen received the MSc degree from Eindhoven University of Technology in 1986, and the PhD degree from TU Delft in 1998. In 1986, he joined FEL-TNO where he was involved in radar cross-section modeling, radion direction finding, interference cancellation and wideband propagation mesudements. In 1992, he moved to TU Delft where he currently is Associate Professor. His research interests are in wireless communications, especially narrowband multiuser detection, digital modulation techniques, channel modeling, diversity techniques and ultrawideband communications and positioning.

EE2T11 Telecommunications A

A first course in telecommunication, with focus on the physical layer. Includes a lab course related to Signals and Systems (preparing for EPO-4)

EE2T21 Telecommunications B

Modulation, introduction to networks

EE3115TU Digital Communication Systems

Transmission of digital signals

ET-Mi-201 Minor “Electronics for Robotics”

An entry-level acquaintance with the electronics that make robots operate, from principles to hands-on realisation

ET4358 Fundamentals of wireless communications

Overview of the essential aspects of the physical layer as well as transmission system design aspects of generic wireless communications systems

Education history

EE3039TU Marsrover project

(not running) Design of a "Mars Rover", a simple vehicle controlled by an FPGA capable of charging using solar energy, and with sensing and localization abilities

SuperGPS: Accurate timing and positioning

Accurate timing and positioning through an optical-wireless distributed time and frequency reference

Projects history

Ultra WideBand (UWB) Radio Indoor Positioning System

How can we accomplish effective, scalable and low-cost indoor positioning systems for practical applications using UWB radio signals?

Reliable and fast wireless communication for lithography machines

Connecting a sensor network on a moving platform to a control unit; this requires high-speed links with low latency, and accurate wireless clock synchronization.

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