MSc Chao Zhang

PhD student
Circuits and Systems (CAS), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Quantum imaging


Chao Zhang is a PhD student with prof. Edoardo Charbon (STW HTSM project). As of 1 Jan 2016, he is member of the Advanced Quantum Architectures (AQUA) group, headed by Prof. Charbon.

Projects history

Three-Dimensional CMOS Photon Counting for Medical Imaging and Cancer Diagnostics

SPAD technology for TOF-PET applications

  1. A Structure of an Image Sensor Operating at 1 Gfps
    V.T.S. Dao; A. Q. Nguyen; K. Shimonomura; Y. Kamakura; N. Minamitani; Chao Zhang; E. Charbon; L. Haspeslagh; P. Goetshhalckx; P. De Moor; T. G. Etoh;
    In International Conference on Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics,
    Oct. 2015.

  2. Designing pixel parallel, localized drivers of a 3D 1Gfps image sensor family
    Chao Zhang; V. T. S. Dao; T. G. Etoh; K. Shimonomura; E. Charbon;
    In International Image Sensor Workshop,
    Jun. 2015.

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Chao Zhang

  • Left in 2016
  • Now: PhD student at the Advanced Quantum Architectures (AQUA) group, headed by Prof. Charbon