MSc thesis project proposal

Phase domain ranging and localization for Bluetooth low energy or ZigBee

Project outside the university

IMEC/Holst Centre, Eindhoven
Ranging and localization is important in todays and future radio networks. Generally speaking, range information is obtained by measuring either time-of-flight (ToF) or received signal strength (RSS).  The highest accuracy is obtained with ToF, but this requires dedicated radios. RSS can be easily realized using popular communication radios, but is rather inaccurate.

In this project, a third option will be investigated based on multi-tone phase-measurements [1]. It promises a better accuracy than RSS and can be realized using radio front-end used by popular radios. Your task will be to investigate the application of compressive sensing on multi-tone phase-measurements for ranging and how it affects accuracy/performance.  Expected project duration is about 9 to 12 months. The assignment is done at TU Delft or at IMEC/Holst Centre, Eindhoven.

[1] M. Pelka, C. Bollmeyer and H. Hellbruck, "Accurate radio distance estimation by phase measurements with multiple frequencies," Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN), 2014 International Conference on, Busan, 2014, pp. 142-151.


   Literature survey on the current state of the art
  • Develop/expand idea(s) and solution(s) to improve performance, including theoretical proof/bounds
  • Implement and validate the idea’s/solution(s) in a system-simulator
  • Testing and analyzing the performance using a measurement set-up (at Holst Centre)
  • (Option) submit the work to a top-ranking publication


  • Solid mathematical background and experience with (statistical) signal processing / estimation  theory
  • Motivated student who works independently and wants to expand knowledge in the field
  • Experience with MATLAB
  • Good written and verbal English skills

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