EE3039TU Marsrover project

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Topics: Design of a "Mars Rover", a simple vehicle controlled by an FPGA capable of charging using solar energy, and with sensing and localization abilities
In this project a group of 4 or 5 students have the task to develop a Mars Rover. The Mars Rover is based on a simple vehicle that is driven by several electric stepper motors which are controlled by an onboard FPGA. The students have the task to feed the robot with solar energy and to enhance the robot with sensing and localization abilities such that the robot is capable to perform certain predefined tasks. In order to have control over the movement and the sensors the FPGA has to be programmed in VHDL. All the basic knowledge and skills needed for this project are provided by the courses in the minor.


dr. Jaap Hoekstra

Electronic Design Gerard Janssen

Physical layer communication; UWB; localization

Stephan Wong

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Credits: 4 EC
Period: 0/x/0/0 (not running)
Contact: Gerard Janssen