EE4182 Digital audio and speech processing

Topics: Audio, speech and acoustic signal processing, speech enhancement, microphone-array signal processing
The course covers speech and audio processing algorithms. Speech and audio processing algorithms are applied in many applications, like mobile voice communication and storage/streaming of audio/speech. In the course the following topics will be considered: short-time Fourier transform based noise suppression, optimal minimum mean-squared error estimators, tracking of noise power spectral density, speech production model, linear prediction, speech coding, psychoacoustics, spectral/temporal masking, perceptual audio coding (sinusoidal coding, waveform coding), MPEG audio coding standards (incl. mp3), multi-channel audio coding.
  • Audio coding: psycho-acoustics, spectral/temporal masking, time-to-frequency transformations, audio coding standards, multi-channel coding
  • Speech enhancement: spectral subtraction, Wiener filtering, conditional mean estimators, noise power spectral density tracking
  • Speech coding: speech production, linear predictive analysis, fundamental frequency estimation, voicing estimation, speech coding based on linear prediction

Teachers Richard Heusdens

Audio and acoustic signal processing, distributed signal processing, information theory (source coding), speech enhancement Richard Hendriks

Audio signal processing, signal processing for hearing aids, biomedical signal processing

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Credits: 6 EC
Period: 0/0/0/4
Contact: Richard Heusdens