EE-BD Biomedical Devices (BD) profile

Topics: A profile in our MSc-EE program dedicated to biomedical devices. Biomedical devices are used for medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. They can be fixed, portable, wearable, implantable and injectable. They are active and thus embed electronics, computing and software

Teachers Wouter Serdijn

Circuits and systems for wearable, implantable and injectable medical devices, in particular electroceuticals and bioelectronic medicine.

prof.dr. Paddy French

Biomedical devices, sensor technology Frans Widdershoven

CMOS-based sensors, biosensors, IC design, semiconductor physics, modeling, simulation, machine learning

dr. Tiago Costa

Analog and mixed-signal CMOS circuit design for biomedical applications, including electroceuticals, implantable devices and lab-on-a-chip; microfabrication methods for monolithic integration of transducers in CMOS for biomedical applications.

dr. Vasiliki Giagka

Design and fabrication of active implantable devices; Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for biomedical applications

dr. Dante Muratore

Analog and mixed-signal CMOS circuit design for biomedical applications and sensor interfaces; circuit-algorithm co-design; neurophysiology. Alle-Jan van der Veen

Array signal processing; Signal processing for communications Geert Leus

Signal processing for communication and networking, with applications to underwater communication, cognitive radio and sensor networks.

prof.dr. Natasja de Groot

Cardiologist-Electrophysiologist, chief Research Unit Translational Electrophysiology

prof.dr. Andrew Webb

High field MRI and its clinical applications, Electromagnetism Justin Dauwels

Machine learning, with applications to autonomous vehicles and biomedical signal processing Richard Hendriks

Audio signal processing, signal processing for hearing aids, biomedical signal processing Rob Remis

Electromagnetic and acoustic wavefield modeling, imaging, and inversion

dr. Borbála Hunyadi

Biomedical signal processing

prof.dr. Lina Sarro

Integrated silicon sensor and MEMS technology, electronic material processing and novel microstructures Ronald Dekker

Flexible electronics

dr. Massimo Mastrangeli

Organ-on-chip technology, micro/nanosystems assembly, capillary manipulation, wetting

Last modified: 2020-11-16


Credits: 120 EC
Period: 15/15/15/1
Contact: Wouter Serdijn