BSc thesis project proposals

Signal processing for communication

Cognitive Radio Using USRP

A cognitive radio senses if a part of the frequency spectrum is unused, and then grabs that spectrum for a short period of time. Implement a demonstrator using Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) platforms.

Wireless HiFi Audio Distribution System

Develop a wireless system for distributing high quality audio signals e.g. to head phones or loudspeakers.

Audio and acoustic signal processing

Microphone Localization for Conferencing System

In this project, we will develop an algorithm for automatically detecting the microphones of a set of randomly distributed conferencing systems and to automatically steer a camera into the direction of the speaker.

Acoustic Enhancement via Beamforming using Smartphones

The acoustic signals in a conference call are prone to noise and echofeedback. Can we use multiple microphones to enhance the signal?

Clock Synchronization in Ad-hocMicrophone Arrays Using (Android) Smartphones

Can we combine microphones from several smartphones to do beamforming for improved speaker enhancement? A key issue is synchronization.

Audio-based snake game for visually impaired children

Design, implement and evaluate an audio-based variant of the classical computer game Snake.

Biomedical signal processing/wavefield imaging

Heart rate monitoring using PPG signals

Measured heart signals using a "wrist watch" are very noisy - can this be improved?

Electronic Systems and VLSI Design

Where did I put ....?

Can I tag objects to find where I left them in my house?