Signal Processing Seminar

A Generic Framework and Algorithmic Solution for Radar Resource Management

Max Schöpe

Abstract: Recent advances in multi-function radar (MFR) systems led to an increase of their degrees of freedom. As a result, modern MFR systems are capable to adjust many parameters during run-time. An automatic adaptation of the radar system to changing situations, like weather conditions, interference or target maneuvers is usually called radar resource management (RRM). After an introduction to the topic of RRM, I will discuss our approach. We model the different sensor tasks as partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDP) and solve them by applying a combination of Lagrangian relaxation and policy rollout. The algorithm has a generic architecture and can be applied to different radar or sensor systems and cost functions. I will show this through simulations of two-dimensional tracking scenarios. Moreover, I will demonstrate how the algorithm allocates the sensor time budgets dynamically to a changing environment in a non-myopic fashion.

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